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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Not proof of something transcendental. The actual proof from the printer for the book. Noticed there were a few issues with the cover and decided I needed to make a few changes to the interior since the cover had to be redone.

Probably will get a new proof by the end of the week.

The novel should be available for sale in a week at most, yippee.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

blog changes

So, I decided to take off the first chapter preview from the blog here. It can be viewed at blog and will soon be uploaded to and probably a few other places.

It was taking a lot of room at the top of the blog and I didn't want people having to scroll down so far to read each new blog.

Will take the poster image off too. It also takes up a lot of the page top. This should be specifically a blog page.

I need a web designer but can't pay for any now, so this is it, I guess.

new release not very successful

Well, the press release was sent out about a week ago. Only two places picked it up. PRWEB, which I paid $140 to send it out to didn't help me much. Certainly not for the price I paid. I need to figure out how to get people talking about the book. No one knows its out there.

I have about 5 reviewers who are waiting for the book. Hopefully some good reviews will get me some notice. The book is being printed. I am waitin for the proof so I can verify everything looks good.

Book marketing - man, the hardest thing you can do.

I'll keep updating this record so anyone following can see if there is any success.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So, the press release is uploaded announcing the novel which is forthcoming. I set the date for release as June 25 which should give me the time I need for everything. Hopefully, there will be good response to the release of this new Oz novel.

It's scheduled to be released on Friday at 8 am.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well, you have to start somewhere. The novel "Dark Oz" is going to be released in the next six weeks. The exciting thing for me is I control every aspect of the release and the platforms. I've chosen to self-distribute. I have been trying to get the original comics turned into a feature film for five years now and this novelization is just one aspect of that program. But with so much of it out of my control, it was a no-brainer to self-publish. It's probably the first thing I have been totally in control of this whole project.

Anyway, I will update what is happening with sales and such. And I will post the first three chapters here as well, so everyone can get a read before deciding to purchase.

I will also add a few video's and comic images up here as well.

Thanks, Aaron.

Dark Oz movie poster - development stage