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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Alright, this post is probably gonna be long.

I've had zero success with online marketing. All sales I've achieved have been through direct in the street contact(where you can wow someone that they are talking to a real published author-and for those snobs in the lit world, the average person on the street can't tell the difference or even knows there is such a thing as self-publishing).

So, of course, I've done loads of research on marketing. I can't afford some PR firm(sometimes I can't afford lunch these days) so here is my analysis of the whole marketing thing.

Most marketing PR firms don't really know what they are doing!

This is probably a statement that will get me in trouble down the line but here is what I read over and over again. When marketing your book, the author has to do much of the PR. The author should not rely on his marketing team(whether self-hired or through a publishing houses team) to get the word out there.


I've been quoted by PR firms prices of $2,000 to $7,000 a month with a six month minimum and they can't guarantee anything? I have to do the work? Why would I pay someone almost fifty grand if they don't know how to get word of the book out there.

Now of course I would be happy to go on all the interviews and anything else the marketing team sets up but lets be frank. There is no way any amount of money can guarantee any sales will occur. Thats why there are multi-million dollar bombs at the box office and books that flub when released.

So, if there is no guarantee of making any book sell, then how can anyone give advice?

Let me rephrase that last question.

The method for fixing an auto transmission has certain steps for optimum efficiency. Do it right, and most of the time, the transmission will be fixed.

The method for marketing a book guarantee's nothing. If a book marketing firm cannot guarantee sales, then why would I pay them? I'm happy to pay the auto mechanic. He can guarantee the transmission will be fixed or my money back. The marketer just chalks it up to the fickleness of the buying public and keeps your money.

They're like weathermen. When they're wrong, they get to keep their jobs and just blame unseen forces(how many people trust weathermen?)

And the advice they do give sounds very suspect. Most of them are talking about social platforms. I have to become friends with everyone in the world to make a sale. Yeah, right! Social networking has limited to zero success. That will be my next post cause the whole Myspace, Twitter, Facebook crap really pisses me off.

Has anyone ever sold any large amounts of books off any of those platforms by being people's friends(and they aren't already a celebrity so Tila Tequila doesn't count, Paris Hilton doesn't count, Stephen King doesn't count, you get the idea)?

Bottom line is this. A publishing company makes a huge hit like Harry Potter. Okay, so every book they publish should be a hit, right? After all, they've proven they know how to publish and market successes.

Except they cannot guarantee their next book will be a hit. They just got lucky. Even if they do every single thing the same as on Harry Potter the next book series might be a failure.

Which means no one really knows what they are doing. No one can guarantee any success, no matter how much money is spent. Which means most marketing firms really don't know what they are doing. They're just getting lucky with content and have the money to weather the failures.

So, thats my point.

Anyway, till next post.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A $1000 LOAN

So, I convinced an old friend to loan me a $1000 bucks. She saw Dark Oz and how fast I was able to hustle the copies I had(granted not a lot, like fifty in one day) and thought it would be a good investment. She's not charging me any interest. It's really more of a favor.

Thanks, Sweets. I'm on my way now to Atlantic City!(just kidding.) (no, seriously, just kidding.)

Anyway, this means I can purchase another 250 books without waiting for and selling the current batch. It really hurts when I spend all day selling books on the street and subways and then have nothing for the rest of the week.

I hope these copies sell fast as well.

Till next time.

P.S., got a roof over my head with the extra cash flow so everyone who was concerned, I'm good for now. Still gotta hustle though. Thanks.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


So, after dropping off books at Midtown Comics for their shelves, I spread out some copies at my spot in the subway. The books moved really fast today. I was really surprised.

All told, I'm up to 90 books sold so far. I mean, that's nothing compared to a mainstream publisher, but I've sold over $900 dollars worth so far. I'd say that's pretty excellent.

For a self-published title at least.

I'm putting most of it towards my next book shipment. I want to get 100 books now and get those out onto the streets.

Waiting to hear back from the press I sent releases too. Will call them on Tuesday.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Sent out press releases for Dark Oz. Keeping my fingers crossed I get some notice. Need to send out a few more.

I posted a rock opera I wrote using the songs of Queen. I wrote it some time ago and always wanted to produce it on Broadway, but that is seeming more and more like some fantasy that will never come true. Decided to do more than share it with family and friends so I posted it on Youtube.

I hope the unique story I crafted keeps it from being removed for use of the copyrighted songs. Personally, it would be great if Brian May or all of Queen heard it and tried to get it produced on Broadway. But these things never happen to me.

Got 8 views in like five minutes after I posted it so who knows.

Friday, July 3, 2009


So, I've sold a few more books. Waiting for the next shipment.

Meantime, I figure I might as well get some press releases out. I was looking for a human interest story to make part of the release and I figure my being homeless and selling books to get back on my feet might be just the ticket.

I told a friend and they were like, well, it's truthful although they winced at the idea of letting the world know my predicament.

The die is cast though. Lets see if anything comes of it.