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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So, I've got some great, exciting news. Nothing strong enough yet to blast it to the media, yet but close.

Two bookstores have agreed to my books on their shelves. Midtown Comics and Time Machine comics, both in Midtown Manhattan. Thirteen books in all will be initially available on shelves and I have to be ready to supply more if they sell quickly.

It looks like comic stores are most willing to give indies a chance. Regular bookstores have all turned me down. They only stock books from traditional big-house publishers. Research it on the net. They are all in this high and mighty mode that is basically archaic.

Their loss. Besides, they all want 50% of the sale from the book which means after printing and shipping, I would be lucky to get $1 per book. And I did all the work! Who needs them.

I am stoked I can see my books on shelves at the two stores listed above. Will check out some other comic shops for further placement.


Monday, June 29, 2009


So, the last few days I've been trying to work on Dark Oz marketing at the library. You only get two hours internet time a day, so I really can't do much.

I've slept on the floor and the chairs of the NYC subway. You would think the subway train chairs the more preferable location, but I woke up feeling like I was being physically tortured. You have no idea of the importance of stretching flat on a soft cushion. Sitting up on seats while you sleep just doesn't cut it.

I got better sleep prostrate on the ground.

You also have lots of extra time to think. Decided to contact some homeless orgs about donating profits from my book. Perhaps a partnership will sell more books and raise more money for them. I'm waiting for a response. We'll see.

Friday, June 26, 2009

book sold counter added

So, I added a books sold counter at the top of the page. It's not automatic. I have to update it myself, but that's pretty easy and takes only a few seconds.

Sold a second book online. Decided I should note how many books sell online versus offline. I'm having more success offline, so far(which makes sense since I've had a bit more time with the offline copies) but real sales will come from online. I can reach so many more people.

So, lets hope things go well.

I'll see you back here on Monday.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Wow, I sold my first book. I'm pretty sure it was purchased by Ritchard Dutcher. He emailed me he was buying it. Of course, Amazon handles orders automatically so I don't know who actually made the purchase.

But I am now on my way.

It's only one copy, but it's a start.

launch day

well, the book is officially launched.

And I'm officially homeless, lol.

Reviewers have gotten their copies, so lets hope for good reviews.

I plan on a press releae for next week.

Lets see how sales go.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Review copies

Well, the review copies are off. lets hope they like the book and the good reviews end up with some sales.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the Million Copy selling book

So, I've been toying(fantasizing) about the possibility of selling a million copies. Something tells me its possible but I'm sure everyone will think I'm a lunatic.

I have to get typos fixed and uploaded before I seriously start notifying people. Right now the Amazon book is filled with typos. They should be fixed within a few days.

And then comes trying to sell.

Meanwhile, looks like I'm homeless, LOL. I've been staying with the mother of my kids for awhile to get through my poor period and she's had enough of me. So in two days, I'm being kicked out.

This idea better work or I'm gonna be living off the "A" train.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well, it's showing up on Amazon as of today. Also, there is a direct order page on Createspace(I make 20% more on Createspace so I'll try to drive traffic there.)

They still have not posted the image of the front cover for the book on there so I hope prospective buyers aren't turned off. The images should show up in the next week or so, I hope.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dak Oz uploaded for download on Scribd

So, while I impatiently wait for the latest physical proof from the printers, I decided to make the book available for instant download(for a fee) from Scribd. I, personally prefer to have hard-copy of books but there are plenty of customers who may wish to read in front of a screen.

The book is $6.40 for download which is nearly half-off the physical purchase. I also make about a dollar more. But in a strange way, I would prefer the hard-copies sell more. Still, a sale is a sale.

The link to this first item is on the top of the page(below the book cover image) or you can just go to and search for the title.

Thanks, Aaron.