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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So, I've got some great, exciting news. Nothing strong enough yet to blast it to the media, yet but close.

Two bookstores have agreed to my books on their shelves. Midtown Comics and Time Machine comics, both in Midtown Manhattan. Thirteen books in all will be initially available on shelves and I have to be ready to supply more if they sell quickly.

It looks like comic stores are most willing to give indies a chance. Regular bookstores have all turned me down. They only stock books from traditional big-house publishers. Research it on the net. They are all in this high and mighty mode that is basically archaic.

Their loss. Besides, they all want 50% of the sale from the book which means after printing and shipping, I would be lucky to get $1 per book. And I did all the work! Who needs them.

I am stoked I can see my books on shelves at the two stores listed above. Will check out some other comic shops for further placement.


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